Esketamine Treatment in Hoffman Estates

Treatment with SPRAVATO (esketamine) Hoffman Estates

Treatment with SPRAVATO® (esketamine)

For patients who feel like they have tried everything to get relief from their depression, we offer treatment with SPRAVATO® (esketamine) nasal spray.

SPRAVATO® is an FDA approved medication for adult patients with treatment resistant depression.

Treatment resistant depression is a debilitating disease that has a profound impact on people’s lives. TRD may be defined as a failure of treatment to produce response or remission for patients after two or more treatment attempts of adequate dose and duration in the same depressive episode.

SPRAVATO® may offer significant and sustained improvement of depression symptoms for adults with TRD, many of whom have cycled through multiple treatments without relief.

Unlike traditional antidepressant medications, treatment with SPRAVATO® may show an improvement in depressive symptoms in as little as days.

Treatment involves self-administration of the medicine in the office setting where you will be closely monitored by our healthcare professionals throughout the duration of your visit.

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